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What’s The First Thing You See When I Ask,
“What Is The #1 Most Effective Strategy
For Growing Your Business Revenues?”

Did you think, “drive more traffic to your website”?

Sorry – you’re taking the long way and burning fuel needlessly.

Or perhaps, “conduct studies, examine buyer behaviors, and hire experts to build dozens of niche websites?”

Ouch – I feel the pain in your wallet just reading that.

Think “R & R” – But Not A Railroad Or A Respite

Through 12 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve made the discovery that there really are two highly-effective, low-cost strategies for boosting your revenues, growing your profits, and attracting new customers:

1) Nurturing your existing customer relationships (retention) and

2) Delivering such over-the-top service they tell their friends (referrals).

The first 4 courses in the “Whole Enchilada” are all about embracing the power of retention and referrals.

DMR3dBundle300Double My Retention is an amazing program for any business owner that has customer, clients, and patients and wants to keep them longer! Using my exclusive “C.P.R. Client Retention Strategy” my average client retention has more than doubled, from six months to over 15 months! In addition, my average client revenues have increased $1164, per client! The strategy detailed in this step-by-step guide is pure gold!

Double My Retention works amazingly well in my business and it will boost your customer retention and profits as well. In fact, he guarantees your results! (value: $197.00)

If you’re tired of investing countless hours and thousands of dollars only to watch your best clients slip through your fingers, just imagine how stress-free your business will be when your most profitable customers, clients and patients stay five times longer, spend 10 times more, and constantly refer you a boatload of new business! 

The Magnetic Attraction and Retention System – Nine Stealth Strategies Guaranteed to Rapidly Increase Your Repeat and Referral Business – Even in a Recession was a 5 week training program created and co-taught by me and my good friend and superstar success coach, Melanie Benson Strick. (value: $297.00)


My current five books show you how to generate more profitable repeat business, how to get the referrals you deserve, how to get and keep more customers for life, and how to significantly boost your profits.

You will receive instant-download copies as soon as you order so you can dive in right away!

My first book is called The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life. This book is the official resource on how to create a customer newsletter that increases profits. With this step-by-step guide you’ll learn how to write, design, and produce your company newsletter.

Thanks to ‘Magic’ hundreds of businesses are now enjoying more profits and customers for life! (value: $24.95)

My second book is called Stick Like Glue – How To Create An Everlasting Bond With Your Customers So They Spend More, Stay Longer, And Refer More! Within the pages of this wildly popular book you’ll discover proven ‘over-the-top’ strategies and techniques to take you and your business to an entirely new level of success and profitability.

Read this book with an open mind and you’ll find the ideas and wisdom you need to transform your business. (value: $24.95)

My third book is called The Fastest Way to Higher Profits! – 19 Immediate Profit-Enhancing Strategies You Can Use Today! Adam Urbanski, The Millionaire Marketing Mentor® put it this way: “The Fastest Way to Higher Profits is a STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE how to extract more profits from each and every customer. Do yourself a favor, buy this book right now. But don’t just read it—STUDY IT! Memorize each strategy and, one by one, install it in your business and watch your profits soar!”

And James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show Secret Millionaire said this about my book: “If you’re ready to grow your business, then read, absorb, and use the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Jim Palmer!” (value: $24.95)

My fourth book is called It’s Okay To Be Scared, But Never Give Up!   Marketing and business-building experts Martin Howey and I have come together to share with you our true stories of overcoming significant—even immobilizing—challenges in life and business. And not only ours.

We’ve also interviewed nine highly successful entrepreneurs—each one sharing his or her story of overcoming a significant challenge. They also reveal some incredible nuggets of wisdom on how to make your life and business more prosperous and enjoyable. Prepare to be motivated, inspired, more hopeful, and perhaps even transformed! (value: $14.95)

stopwaitingbook200My latest book is called Stop Waiting For It To Get Easier: Create Your DREAM BUSINESS NOW!   Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who has long had a dream of starting a business, or an entrepreneur or small business owner who’s already started but has not yet reached their dreams or goals, this book is for you.

Kevin Harrington, former investor Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, wrote the foreword for this very important book. It’s time to join the “Stop Waiting Revolution” and create your own economic boom! (value: $24.95)


Then, Immerse Yourself In The Knowledge Contained Within
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You will also receive every laser-focused module in the Success Store, including:

  • The Ultimate Higher Profits Collection (value: $77.00)
  • The Ultimate Web Site Traffic Series (value: $47.00)
  • The Ultimate Communication and Persuasion Series (value: $37.00)
  • Why You Need to Protect Your Intellectual Property (value: $19.95)
  • The Benefits of Massive Action (value: $19.95)
  • The Ultimate Client Attraction Series (value: $57.00)
  • The Ultimate Niche Marketing Series (value: $47.00)
  • The Ultimate Successful Entrepreneur Mindset Series (value: $47.00)
  • The Ultimate Hiring, Systems, and Pricing Strategies Series (value: $47.00)

If you were to purchase all of these books, products and solutions separately on this website, you would pay $1,007.65


Now, before we tell you exactly how much you’ll save when you claim your access to “The Whole Enchilada” today, let’s throw in some bonuses.

As usual when ordering from me, I like to “sweeten the pot” by including a few great bonuses that will help you greatly with your business-building, customer-keeping, profit-growing efforts – easily worth over $100!

Action Time Line for Explosive Growth! Audio Recording of Presentation. By Jim Palmer - The Newsletter Guru ($9.95 value)
Transcript of Action Time Line for Explosive Growth! Presentation. By Jim Palmer - The Newsletter Guru ($9.95 value)
Million Dollar E-Mails - The Greatest Money Making E-Mails of All Time By Yanik Silver ($19.00 value)
Hypnotic Sales Letters: 92 Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates! By Larry Dotson and Joe Vitale ($39.95 value)
How To Bite Back At The 'Recession' - An Amazing Interview With Dan Kennedy (Value: PRICELESS!)

That’s right – you get 5 amazing bonuses with a collective value of over $78.85!


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